TVXQ Style and Fashion – Female Version

Hello..this is my randomness for today…lets talk about fashion…Ive been working on this stuffs for 3 many works to do and its really tiring…since I love fashion and TVXQ so much…I try making TVXQ’s style female version…here is my version of TVXQ’s style and some random fashion
Again I said..this is just my randomness and this is  as  my practise before becoming a real fashion designer..huahahha as if..
 I just hope everyone likes this…
First of all ofcourse lets talk about my Junsuii’s style…
junsu style_joonghana
Junsuii really loves to wear overcoats and black…
In my set: The style looks simple..but omg..these clothes is very expensive…I love this style but this is not something that I would wear…haha…I chose all Jimmy Choo’s heels in this set..I love Jimmy Choo! I wish one day I can have and wear shoes made by him…
My Version of U - XJS
Next is ChOnie’s style~
yoochun style_JoongHana
I Love ChOnie’s style..its very simple and casual
In my set: This is something that I would wear…I Love the 2nd clothes..and that Marc Jacobs bag on the left..its so nice and *cough cough* expensive…and also in this can find a Jimmy Choo’s heels..I really love it!
My Version of U - MYC
Next is Our Fashionistas Joongie~
JaeJoong style_JoongHana
Joongie is my fashion icon..haha..his style is so nice..and my target when looking at him is his bags…he got lots of nice bags especially from LV!!
In my Set: Again there’s Jimmy Choo’s heels in this love the 1st clothes..’peek-a-boo’ shirt similar like Joongie’s shirt..and also love the 3rd clothes..
My Version of U - HJJ
Changmin’s style..
changmin's style_Joonghana
Changmin also got simple and casual style..I love love love to see him in the 3rd pix…
In my set: I also love the 3rd clothes..something that I always wear..except that I always use black I match eveything with heels..that because I love heels…hee
My Version of U - MCM
and the last one is Yunho ho oppa..
yunho style_JoongHana
Yunho oppa style is also my favourite..I love the way he dress up..
In my set: I chose mostly shorts..its so short and impossible for me to wear..haha but I like if Im going to wear this style Im going to use leggings..too sexy not allowed loo hehe..I love the 3rd clothes…the skirt is so cute..
My Version of U - UYH
Ok Now you guys can follow TVXQ’s style….huahaha seriously my mind is not creative anymore and my English is broken here..haha Ive been busy..Im doing so many things while posting this up..and now I should go back to my History Essay homework…hehe
Oh on the pictures to see the brand for all the items..
Credits: JoongHana  @ starlovemelody.wordpress / GEMBrunei
TVXQ Pictures: As tagged- TVXQEvent,HeyJJ,MaxFocus,OhMicky ( sorry if I forgot to mention) + sharingyoochun
Sets done with

9 thoughts on “TVXQ Style and Fashion – Female Version

  1. OMG!! I love it!!
    You are so good!!
    I always loved each of their styles in a way, but i did not know how to transfer their style to a female style!!
    Thank god you did this!!
    I love every style!!
    you should do more of this!!
    I hope you do!!

  2. WOW!! i love what you did!
    i stumbled across this by chance but i really liked your ‘My version of U’ things lol
    i always enjoy seeing TVQX’s airport styles… i mean i like them in anything (of course ;p) but in ‘at the airport’ pics is not something a stylist has picked out for them

    out of each set there’s at least 2 outfits i’d wear exactly as you’ve matched them! ^^

  3. HEY GIRL! WHERE CAN I ACTUALLY BY THESE CLOTHES? GIRL YOU ARE AMAZING! I saw the article on, and just like you I love fashion. Please e-mail me . PLEASE GRL! THaNkS!

  4. wowww, this is so cool. 😀
    i dont usually like yunho’s style as much on him, but i loved the clothes you picked out. ^^
    i hope you’ll do more of this in the future 😀 it’s great!

  5. Absolutely amazing. I had to come to your site directly and say so. This was perfect like O_O and some of the outfits are affordable too like WIN WIN!! I can dress like jaejoong for like 50 bucks hurray…well without the shoes LOLLLL. I would sell my right arm for those amazing shoes but yea loll. thanks. I really really hope you do more of this with anything really, doesnt ave to be only TVXQ. you have great sense. oh yea i saw this on livejournal, someone posted it and credited you so hope its okay! great job! ^_^

  6. I love their style and I always wondered how to wear something similiar but of course, female version ^^, you made possible! Thank you!

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