Braces Thingy: The Braces and The Pain


I just got my braces yesterday!! Finally the waiting is over..I was very excited the night before I got my braces that I cant sleep…hehe well I was nervous at the same time too…but apparently not enough sleep before you get your braces is a NO GO..because your braces will make your teeth feel sore and uncomfortable few hours after and you cant even sleep….it wasnt hurt at all when my orthodontist put on the braces to me..its painless and cant feel anything except during she put on the wire…it feel weird..but no pain…and not only take around 45 minutes for her to put on everything..and oh yaa I still dont have colours for my braces..its only gray for now..will choose the colour on  the next appointment…

the braces for the first few hours was pain..but then when the pain started to feels awful and really painful..very very sore..just imagine like your teeth being push or punch real hard..the pain also gives me headache..I feel like crying…so yaa expect this when you get doesnt hurt when they put on the braces but will hurt after few hours…and its awfully painful….again the best thing to do is to not think about the pain…or it will hurt more…

btw I got a new look with braces..haha and an awkward smiles too..also make me hard to speak properly…so weird..haha but my othodontist said I will get use to it..and her advice to me Just be confident with braces and smiles because hiding the braces is not yaa SMILE~


Braces Thingy: Im getting braces on Monday


This is very random..hehe but yay! 30th August is coming which is the day after tomorrow..thats the day I will use braces!! OMG Im kinda excited and some part of me is nervous..Ive been doing many research about getting braces on..about how long will it take..will it hurt and bla bla bla…well from my research they said it will not hurt when they put on the braces..but then after few hours the pain will start to come because of the movement of the yaa Im nervous for that part..and also Im pretty sure I cannot eat all those yummy food…haha I cant hardly chew any food now tho..the band that Im using now is kinda annoying sometimes..I hate it when the food stuck there..and about the ucler thingy that cause by the only lasted for 1 week of pain..after that no more ulcer coming…

so yaa Im getting braces on Monday…Im looking forward to it..hehe Ive been waiting for so long..lets go for straight teeth and beautiful smiles..hehe..btw I havent decide what color to choose..well I dont know whether my orthodontist will do everything that day..maybe she will ask me to choose the color at the next appoinment..hmm Im not sure..but yaa I want to try rainbow the pix looks cool..or maybe just pink and blue my most favourite colour…hmmm dunno laa..lets just see on Monday…hehe

Braces Thingy: the band and the annoying ulcer


Im getting braces soon..I already use the band for braces since Monday, and it feel was ok for the few hours but the next day I woke up with an ulcer in my mouth..its annoying and orthodontist told me that its normal to have ulcer when you use the band and of course when you get the braces on…its been six days using the band and Im still not use to it..I just hate the pain cause by the ulcer..other thing is ok to me..well sometimes the band annoyed me because its stick so fixed in my 4 molars..the best way is to ignore it and dont think about it too much..

I feel excited to use braces because I really want to have nice straight teeth..but now sometimes I feel dont want to continue the treatment..its all because of the annoying ulcer cause by it..I just dont like that part like seriously…its hard to brush the teeth and I got an awkward smiles because of the ulcer…but yaa I will try to get use to it and live with it..this is for the sake’s of nice straight teeth and beautiful the dentist already pulled out 4 tooth..and I cant turn back or stop this treatment or else my teeth will look ugly..


for me using the separators and band arent that bad and hurt but the effects after few hours are the one that really annoying..such as separators it give you tooth ache while the band give you ulcer…the separators annoying part is its as if there’s food stuck between your teeth..thats the No Go part..and another thing about getting braces on is when you have to do extraction..they need to pull out 4 teeth for this orthodontics treatment…my experience for extraction part was not bad..1st extraction of my 2 right premolars was hurt badly but the 2nd extraction was okay and doesnt hurt much..


I think thats all I wanna share here..hehe I dont know how to explain..very bad at my English is not good..hehe sorry for my broken English..btw credit pictures to the owner (sorry I dont know the exact owner got it from google)

Book of the week: Beastly ~

Finally I got my own Beastly by Alex Flinn book..I totally love it..actually I bought it 2 weeks ago..I was so happy when the bookstore called me that time..and this book is totally Awesome..finished reading it already and I so cannot wait for the movie to be released..