The movie I watched yesterday..


Hannah’s here..just want to blog about the movie Ive watched yesterday..not a new movie tho but I totally love it..I watched A Team, 27 Dresses and P.S.I Love You..haha I know Im kinda late to watch the last 2 movie Ive mentioned…oh well I was busy during the year the movie released plus I thought the movie was boring…but I was totally wrong about seriously..haha..btw Im only going to talk about 27 Dresses and P.S.I Love You here..the movie was AWESOME and GREAT and yaa of course P.S.I Love You was SAD…

I watched the 27 Dresses DVD first and Im so loving the movie..I cant believe Ive missed watching that movie..its fun and romantic..I so love the storyline..and of course because the girl is hopeless romantic..haha..btw my favourite part in the movie is when Jane fitting her 27 dresses with Kevin…and of course the ending part of the movie where they both get married..OMG so COOL!! I love love love~

next is P.S.I Love You, oh well I know about this movie from the book and from my friends..they always mentioned about how sad this movie bla bla..and yaa its true..Ive read the first three chapter of P.S.I Love You and its already sad…I havent finished reading it tho because I havent got my own copy..haha I usually prefer to read when the book is mine..oh well since I got so many unread books.. I havent buy P.S.I Love You yeahh about this movie..its really sad..I cried!! thinking about this movie can already make me cry..oh I can imagine myself in her shoes…losing somebody you really love..the love of your life..OMG sad sad sad..btw my fav part in this movie is when Holly first met her husband..OMG its so romantic..Lavender everywhere!!

sooo..Ok..thats about it..haha Im so bad at reviewing  movie..LOL sorry If I dont make sense..haha


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