Braces Thingy: Im getting braces on Monday


This is very random..hehe but yay! 30th August is coming which is the day after tomorrow..thats the day I will use braces!! OMG Im kinda excited and some part of me is nervous..Ive been doing many research about getting braces on..about how long will it take..will it hurt and bla bla bla…well from my research they said it will not hurt when they put on the braces..but then after few hours the pain will start to come because of the movement of the yaa Im nervous for that part..and also Im pretty sure I cannot eat all those yummy food…haha I cant hardly chew any food now tho..the band that Im using now is kinda annoying sometimes..I hate it when the food stuck there..and about the ucler thingy that cause by the only lasted for 1 week of pain..after that no more ulcer coming…

so yaa Im getting braces on Monday…Im looking forward to it..hehe Ive been waiting for so long..lets go for straight teeth and beautiful smiles..hehe..btw I havent decide what color to choose..well I dont know whether my orthodontist will do everything that day..maybe she will ask me to choose the color at the next appoinment..hmm Im not sure..but yaa I want to try rainbow the pix looks cool..or maybe just pink and blue my most favourite colour…hmmm dunno laa..lets just see on Monday…hehe


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