Braces Thingy: The Braces and The Pain


I just got my braces yesterday!! Finally the waiting is over..I was very excited the night before I got my braces that I cant sleep…hehe well I was nervous at the same time too…but apparently not enough sleep before you get your braces is a NO GO..because your braces will make your teeth feel sore and uncomfortable few hours after and you cant even sleep….it wasnt hurt at all when my orthodontist put on the braces to me..its painless and cant feel anything except during she put on the wire…it feel weird..but no pain…and not only take around 45 minutes for her to put on everything..and oh yaa I still dont have colours for my braces..its only gray for now..will choose the colour on  the next appointment…

the braces for the first few hours was pain..but then when the pain started to feels awful and really painful..very very sore..just imagine like your teeth being push or punch real hard..the pain also gives me headache..I feel like crying…so yaa expect this when you get doesnt hurt when they put on the braces but will hurt after few hours…and its awfully painful….again the best thing to do is to not think about the pain…or it will hurt more…

btw I got a new look with braces..haha and an awkward smiles too..also make me hard to speak properly…so weird..haha but my othodontist said I will get use to it..and her advice to me Just be confident with braces and smiles because hiding the braces is not yaa SMILE~


One thought on “Braces Thingy: The Braces and The Pain

  1. yeah its definitely not fun at all, not to mention the date they tell you that your going to get them taken off is never right you usually have them on longer haha so dont get your heart set on that date for freedom. but the last two three months dont even hurt

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