Braces Thingy: broken brackets and elastic ligature crisis


Its been 2 weeks wearing braces..and I already know how to floss was very hard at first but then when I’ve tried over and over again..Im getting it and can do it well..but be careful when flossing..haha you might broke the brackets..thats what happened to me..I broke my brackets while flossing real I just want my teeth to be perfectly clean…well it is clean but the problem is I broke my brackets…I was terrified that time..haha so afraid to call my orthodontist..but still have to go fix the orthodontist had to open all the arch wire and change all the elastic ligature!! and of course I got my braces tighten..actually my appointment for tighten and change elastic ligature is next week..but I went a week earlier since I broke the brackets..haha

the cool thing is I can get rid of the grey elastic Im having Lavender and light purple elastic ligature (apparently I haven take a pix of my braces) ..well I dont have this colour in mind..but that time the ortho assistant are kinda got this pushing-please-stop-being-choosy face to I just randomly picked the colour..but yaa I like the colour noww…

talking about elastic ligature..I think I swallow it while eating…it happened yesterday..on the same day I went to the dentist for fixing the brackets…haha I was like ‘nooooo whyyy do I have this kind of problem now?? I just went to the dentistttt’ so yaa I went to the dentist to get new elastic ligature that have fall off..luckily my orthodontist wasnt mad at me..haha Im such a troublesome…

Braces Thingy: One Week with Braces


Its been one week Im wearing far its ok and life is not that miserable after all…the pain was with me for 3 days..during that time it was really awful that it can make mecry..the pain go to the head and it gives me headache..also its so hard to eat and it hurts when you clenched the teeth…

although its been one week, its still so hard for me to speak..haha weird..and of course when eating..the only food I can eat is all those soft food and a must in the menu is the soup..the disadvantages of using braces is you cant eat yummy food..haha but its should help me to lose weight..haha

here is my pix with my braces..and yaa thats my friend Deena and Nizan~