Oh Autumn’s Concerto…

Oh yessss, Ive finished watching Autumn’s Concerto!! it was AWESOME….haha I love it although there were so many part that can make you cry…still I like this drama so much…it was nice and realistic…not much cheesy…hehe different from “Fated to Love You” since this drama is more serious…The main cast for Autumn’s concerto is Vanness Wu and Ady An..hehe actually dont really know her..and frankly I never like Vanness  before..nope I dont hate him..its just hmm I dont know why…haha probably because during the Meteor Garden Era..everyone are so in love with the F4 member..and I was like No..NO..

so yaa overall the drama is AWESOME..my fav scenes in this drama where Guang Xi accidentally hold Mu Cheng’s burnt hand that it hurt her and at that moment his face is so LOVE..he actually care so much and so Romantic..hehe actually there’s a lot of scenes that I like such as when the Kid appear with his Radio and say “Mis Su Mis Su”.. its so ah-dorable!! also not to forget the Sponge Bob Bag and plushies…OMG CUTEEEEE!!

Autumn’s Concerto is the 3rd drama I watched within this 2 months..haha suddenly addicted watching Taiwanese drama..its cool..hehe..so far I like the drama Ive  watched..all got happy ending..before Autumn’s Concerto Ive watched Fated to Love you and before that Ive watched Summer’s Desire…the 3 drama are so nice..hehe ok thats all for now…after this Im going to stop watching drama for real..srsly need to concentrate on my study…


One thought on “Oh Autumn’s Concerto…

  1. Mis su! mis su! Cute ah~ when it is supposed to be ‘Miss U Miss U’..Feel like watchg it again because of the kid..bt it just a bit long..hehehe bt it sure rocks!!

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