Braces Thingy: 2 months with braces~


Its already been 2 months since I start using braces..Im use to it already…the pain come and go..sometimes it feels so tight and uncomfortable because the teeth are moving…so far having braces is okay..just hate it when I cant eat normally..with braces I need to eat very extra slow and have to cut the food into smaller pieces before eating…I cant eat hard food and sticky food coz it will ruin the braces plus it will make it hard to brush the teeth…so what I do is to avoid eating those yummy food…its really tempting tho..LOL

oh yaa my teeth are almost more crooked teeth…wow the teeth movement are so fast..except for the gap by the 4 pre-molars teeth that been extracted before..the gap are still huge..wonder what will happen at that part..I have no idea…another the thing I hate about braces is that it ruin my lips…I hate this part the lips are always dry..srsly no go…my sister always criticize  my lips and its stressing me up..oh well lip balm is my saviour..I have to use it like every 15 minutes..annoying but I have too..having braces is equal to high maintenance! so many to take care of…

hmmm so thats all I wanna update about my braces orthodontic appointment will be on 15th November..oh I hate the part when the braces got tightened..I only love the part where I can change the colour of the elastic ligature..the rest are equal to PAIN…haha

btw here is my braces with purple elastic ligature..not clear tho..


my awkward smile~


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