Nature Republic Nail Polish

Nail polishes from Nature Republic! bought this in Kuala Lumpur, I wish Nature Republic will open a branch here in Brunei. I love their stuffs!



Braces Thingy: 7 months wearing braces; pain come and go~

Its been 7 months Im using braces..and its also been 7 months not drinking fizzy drinks..can you believe that?? I miss drinking Coke tho..but yaa I dont want to drink any fizzy drinks while using braces…because of braces and trying to do healthy diet..keke…so yaa 7 months..Im use to it already…I can eat hard food too..keke its actually not good but sometimes I just want to munch hard food…so tired of eating soft food…

Now my teeth are all more crooked teeth…except for there’s still orthodontist said it will be fixed…btw I just got my braces tightened usual its painful…braces feel so tight right now..its very annoying…but yaa Im use to it already…usually I will eat Ice cream to soothe the pain temporarily since I dont want to depend so much on painkiller…

so far life with braces is the title pain come and go…usually my braces feels so tight in the morning…probably because the way I sleep….also when wearing braces..not many food is yummy..because everytime I eat..i always think about food stuck at the braces which sometimes makes me dont want to eat..haha because Im so lazy to clean..also everywhere I go I need to bring toothpick…when I never fail to stuck at the braces..its annoying..

okies thats all I wanna update about my braces life πŸ™‚