Braces Thingy: 3 years with braces

Its almost 3 years since I started wearing braces and Im still wearing it…during the 3 years, my orthodontist had maternity leave  for 2 times and so I didnt have any appointment/check up(or whatever you call it) during that time which made my treatment slow..and also I think its because Ive been very bad for not wearing the elastic as been told..seriously wearing elastic is no fun…its making my gums hurt…really not comfortable…


that rubber band is called elastic..


the elastics that i dont really use..xD

not much problem in the 3 years except for the annoying archwire that keep poking my cheeks…its really annoying that I cant even smile properly…another thing that kinda bother me is after I start using braces, I have slight lisp…mostly when I speak English..its not really a problem tho..but sometimes its just embarrassing..

dental wax

the dental savior when the archwire poking my cheeks…

btw during the 3 years wearing braces,I dont really have color elastic ligature…boring…hmm I should request color elastic ligature before they take off my braces ^^

on my next orthodontist will probably going to set the date for taking my braces off.


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