Infinite 2nd Single album – Destiny

Infinite 2nd Single album – Destiny.

I got my copy last week and I got Sungjong photocard, was seriously hoping to get Sungyeol…its okay tho.

The album is gorgeous like always, but I still love their 4th Mini album concept because its a happy theme compare to this Destiny (dark?) theme..all the members look so gorgeous and sungjong look manly in this album..

Album Tracklist
1. Destiny
2. Inception
3. 너에게 간다 (Going To You)
4. 엄마 (Mother)

Destiny is an awesome song. I really love it. Inception is ok, when I first listen to it, I feel that its a bit Shinee-ish style (lol idk maybe its just me). so yaa to be honest, I havent really got the time to listen to all the songs properly. I only listen to Destiny.

ds ds1 ds2 ds3


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