BTOB 3rd Mini Album – Thriller

BTOB is one of my favourite of the many groups I like and I actually been liking them since they debuted last year. I watched their debut showcase on youtube and the one that attract me the most that time was Hyunsik, he was so good in talking and yaa he is my BIAS in the group. xD

I got the album yesterday, Im a happy fan. The album is so love, altho dark concept is not really my fav but this one is exceptional. Their album photos are just awesome! because they’re revealing their abs!! haha this album is a total eye candy for me. One of the many reasons I pre-ordered this album was because Hyunsik took part in composing, oh well the album is so good! I love it.

The songs in the album are so nice, and my ultimate fav is the song composed by Hyunsik and Kikwang of Beast. My 2 bias making a song is just so love. Also, I got to say that Thriller is one of their best Title song after the debut song Insane. hehe apparently I dont really like Wow. Okay, Obviously all of their songs are good. The album packaging is just simple tho unlike Press Play. Oh and btw I got Sungjae’s photocard! boo hoo I want Hyunsik.

So overall, I love the album. I just love them. Im so bias I know. Haha I just like them so much!! Im hoping that for their next album, it will be a full album with many more awesome songs and solo song of every member of course especially Hyunsik. I want a solo song from him. Pretty please~~~

BTOB 3rd Mini Album – Thriller Tracklist:

01. 내가 니 남자였을 때 (When I Was Your Man)
02. 스릴러 (Thriller)
03. 왜 이래 (Why)
04. Catch Me
05. 크리스탈같이 (Like A Crystal)
06. 별 (Star)

btob1 btob2 btob3 btob4 btob5 btob6 btob7 btob8 btob9


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