Secret Love 비밀

My new k-drama obsession!! Ive been watching Secret Love 비밀 from episode 1 till 8 for the past two days, at first I was ‘like no this drama is probably just the typical drama’ but then I was wrong I got addicted to it. Totally a refreshing drama, altho its painful and made me cry. Its a tear jerking melodrama alert! Actually I still cant get enough of Master’s Sun, which was totally an awesome drama. but then guys this drama is really awesome too. I really like it.


This drama made me cry, esp the scene when the son died. Sobs its just so painful, I cannot. Ok I dont want to say much here because I dont want to give spoiler for those who havent watch. but again Im gonna say this again that this drama is so far from episode 1 till 8 is very good, plus it got a very good rating too in South Korea.

oh and one more thing, one of my favourite character in this drama is Jisung’s assistant GwangSoo or his real name Choi Woong. His character is cute and cooool at the same time in the drama. omg love!

choi woong