Hello 2014~


Hello everyone~ I just wanna wish you guys, Happy New Year 2014!!! Lets have a better + awesome + great year this 2014~ As for myself, I’m hoping that this year I can be more active blogging again. I hope my life will be more blogable this year.

My Wishes this year:

1. I wish for a good health for me, my family and everyone I love~
2. Hopefully my final semester at College will go smoothly and for the industrial attachment part, oh pretty please be awesome!
3. Lets travel! I have so many in my bucket list! I know its impossible but please lemme just go to at least one place of all places I wanna go.

There are actually tons of wishes, dreams, goals or whatever I want to accomplish this year, I can even write an essay about it, so I better just keep it in my diary. xD

and Lastly self reminders for myself:

1. Lets be more PRODUCTIVE this year.
2. Dont be too emotional, BE POSITIVE.
3. Whatever the obstacles that will come..just BE STRONG and BE PATIENT!
4. The most important – DONT EVER GIVE UP!!

hehe I think thats all for now, HAVE A GREAT YEAR EVERYONE!