B.A.P First Sensibility Album

It’s BAP everyone! I received my album few days ago,  its so love. This is totally an awesome album, kudos to Bang Yongguk for producing this awesome album and BAP you guys are awesome~ I just love everything about the album, its super gorgeous, the packaging and the pictures, their outfits, their hairstyles, the concepts are just perfection. I love it! The songs of course are all great too~ For this album I got Bang Yongguk’s photocard! I am so happy because he’s my bias in the group along with Himchan. I wanted Himchan but yaa Bang’s photocard is okayy too. Yes my bias in the group is Bang Yongguk and Himchan, and believe me they’re bias list ruiner. I love them so much it hurts xD. When I was getting this album at the shop, I was super excited. Hello~ fangirl moment! my sister was like ‘when is this girl ever going to grow up’ to me. haha to be honest I don’t know myself either.

For favourite song, I got so many favourite in the album, because all are very very good. Their title song ‘1004’ is different from their previous title song and it’s totally refreshing that they’re trying different style. I love Himchan’s ‘어디로 어디로 어디로 어디로 가’ part the most, its so addictive. For the song I love the most, I think its ‘With You’, the song is so sweet and fluffy. Himhcan’s voice in the song is so love, I just dont know how to explain it. Then ‘쉽죠’ is also my favourite, Bang Yongguk’s rapping part is just so grr~ I dont know, its perfect. His voice is so sexy, Im having eargasm whenever I listen to his voice (haha that sounds so wrong). And then ‘Body & Soul’ is a totally very sexy song, I just can’t with my feels. That rap part where Bang yongguk whisper is just ohmaighatt *imagination running wild* xD

I would love to review and write more about the album in this post but Im in my exam weeks now, so I shouldn’t be fangirling much. Last but not least, Congratulations BAP for getting No.1 on the 3 music shows, You guys totally deserve it. Hopefully you guys will win more for this promotion because First Sensibility is an awesome album!

B.A.P First Sensibility Album Track list :

01. B.A.P
02. 1004 (Angel) * Title
03. 쉽죠
04. Spy
05. Check On
06. Shady Lady
07. Lovesick
08. Bang X2
09. S.N.S
10. Body & Soul
11. Save Me
12. B.A.B.Y
13. With You

8 4




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