Toheart Woohyun & Key – 1st Mini Album

Yay~~ my Toheart Woohyun & Key -1st Mini Album is here!  bought the album because of Namu! I love Namu~ This album is nice, I really like all the pictures in the album and the packaging is also nice. I really love Namu’s hairstyle, he is really gorgeous! Oops I only talk about Namu here..hee sorry people apparently my bias is Nam Woohyun 🙂

The songs in the album are not bad, I like Tell Me Why the most. I also like 출발, the song is so classic. When I first listen to Delicious, I dont really like it but after listening to it many time, it become so catchy. I love it!

My head is so not creative to say much about this album, but the thing for sure this album is nice and Namu is Gorgeous! and Im so happy that got his photocard! hehe lucky me~

Toheart 1st Mini Album Track List:

01. Intro
02. Delicious
03. 미로(迷路)
04. You’re My Lady
05. Tell Me Why
06. 출발



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