Infinite Season 2 Album

My Infinite Season 2 album is here~~~ its a beautiful album! I totally love the album, all the songs are amazing. I mean when are they not? right Inspirits~ haha yes Im a little bias but who cares~~ The songs from track number 1 till the hidden track are so good. OMG I LOVE THE HIDDEN TRACK!!! Its a niceee song. I want MOREEE Infinite~~~ My personal most favourite songs in the album are Person Like Me and Memories. OMG Sunggyu voice is just I dont know how to describe, he’s just amazing to my ears. Of course I don’t have to mention about Woohyun, his voice equal to totally LOVE!! and I am so HAPPY that Sungyeol has more than 5 sec lines in Last Romeo. His part in the song is my favourite!

About their concept, I like it although the lace outfit didn’t really appeal to me at first, because its so rare to see men with lacy outfit but I swear I like it now. Okayyyy maybe just one thing, I wish their blazer’s hem is straight style instead of the scalloped style but then they pull it off anyway, the Infinite boys look gorgeous. I like the black lace blazer more tho.

The album packaging is simpler than their ‘The Origin’ album where the box is very cute but then its still nice. The plastic cover design with the Infinite logo is lovely, and I like the fact that the album mostly white because I just love white. and yaaayyy I got Namu’s photocard! I love Nam Woohyun~~~

Infinite Season 2 album Track List:

01. Season 2
02. Last Romeo
03. Follow Me
04. 로시난테 [Rosinante]
05. 숨 좀 쉬자 [Breathe]
06. Light (SungKyu Solo)
07. Alone (Infinite H)
08. Memories
09. 나란 사람 [A Person Like Me]
10. Reflex
11. 미치겠어 (Infinite F) [I’m Going Crazy]
12. 눈을 감으면 (WooHyun Solo) [Close Your Eyes]
13. 소나기 [Shower]













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