End of Year Blog Post~

It’s my end of year blog post everybody, I’ve tried to be active in blogging this year but I’ve been very busy.  2014 is actually a blog-able year but I just got lots in my hands that I couldn’t manage this blog properly. In 2014, I may not accomplish all the things I wanted to do but then there’s always the New Year right? Rather than being down and sad, I should continue to hold onto my dreams and will try harder to achieve it.

This year, I’ve finished all my courses at college and survived the final project.  I look forward for my graduation day in May 2015. I’ve also done my industrial attachment although it was not abroad like I wanted but it was okay.

Something random that I have done this year was starting the flower crown business with my best friends. We just hope our business will become more successful next year. I’ve also written more than 10 stories, reading fan fictions inspired me to write.

Then the some really no go part this year; I’ve gained lots and lots of weight.  I am now at the fattest I ever been which is a totally no go. Seriously no go. This is very concerning and a serious matter, I need to lose all the weight back.

I want to say, I regret nothing for all the decision I’ve made this year. Although there’s some ups and downs. 2014 is still fun. Let’s do better in 2015.