Hello 2015

My first post for the new year 2015, it’s not too late to greet everyone Happy New Year right? hehe like every year I would say have a nice year and may this year will bring happiness and good health to everyone.

I’ve been very busy babysitting my nephews and niece lately. Yup it’s the reality I’m facing everyday, especially that I still don’t have a job. It’s hard to find one because I still don’t have my official certificate *please don’t try to say I’m lazy or not trying* but yay~~ I’ll be graduating this year.

So for this new year, I still have the same dreams and goals. There are a lot in my lists, the-same-like-last-year list like I want to travel, I want to finish up reading all the tons of books and yes not to forget to lose weight. I seriously need to lose weight. Yes people, again about the weight *cry in the corner*. I’m trying my best to get active again, you know do stuffs like cardio workout, zumba and etc.

About travelling, I probably will go to Japan next month and South Korea in November *OMG finally I’m going there* but I can’t really confirm it because we still haven’t purchase the flight ticket. Thinking about flight actually kinda freak me out especially with the aircraft incidents that happened but yaa let’s think positive and pray for safe flights.

If I’m I really going for those trips, this year will for sure going to be a blog-able year. I hope so~

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