Wanderlust Hannah in Japan – Part 4: Kawatsura Strawberry Farm~

Road trip to Strawberry farm was my favourite while in Japan. It was my first time going for strawberry picking. We went to Kawatsura Strawberry Farm which was located in Chiba. I am always excited about road trip, it’s really fun and it was nice to be out of Tokyo.  Along the way you can see Japanese houses which were so pretty and cute. You can also see their farm and greenhouses. It was really cool.

When we arrived at the Kawatsura Strawberry farm there were already many people there so the staff asked us to go to the another farm. At the other farm, there weren’t many people yet so we don’t have to queue for long time to pay. The fee if I’m not mistaken was 1,600 yen per person for adult. The staff  briefs us a little about the greenhouse (which was actually funny because we don’t really understand what she was saying. Oh well, “Nihongo wakarimasen”; I don’t understand Japanese) but yaa the rule is eat all you can there but strawberries cannot be taken home.

The strawberry farm area was big and there were so many greenhouses. The strawberry picking is indoor greenhouse. The strawberries were all delicious! It was the first time for me to eat those very sweet strawberries.  Big, small, cute, juicy and red all were delicious and I ate a lot. I actually surrendered after eating from 2-3 greenhouses. Now that I’m back, I really want those juicy yummy strawberries.

I really recommend those who will go to Japan, to visit the strawberry farm. It was worth it and really fun~



Wanderlust Hannah in Japan – Part 3: Harajuku~

Wanderlust Hannah’s stories continue, I’m going to share about Harajuku today. It’s a place for fashion lovers for sure, the place is really cool and awesome and everything nice. There were so many people there that time even though it was weekdays; the streets were busy and crowded.

The shops and all were really awesome. The clothes there is really love! I wish they sell plus size stuff tho. Cute stuffs are definitely everywhere at Harajuku too.  I wish I can just buy all the cute stuffs there, you know I’m really a sucker for cute stuffs but yaa I need to control the inner shopaholic instinct of mine because it was just the 4th day being in Japan that time but to think of it, I shop the most there. Well, it’s a perfect place for me I guess, affordable and just simply my style.

A little incident that happened to me while in Harajuku was when I shop at H&M, the cashier guy apparently punched 3 times for 1 item that I bought and I paid more than I should. I didn’t realize that time because I wasn’t really good at counting Japanese yen yet. It was confusing. Luckily while at home I noticed something was off with my balance and we just went back there in the evening to settle the problem. It was all okay in the end they returned my money back. Moral of the story, always check your balance and receipt carefully.

I really enjoy myself while in Harajuku, I was so happy and excited. Definitely I want to go there again and if there’s next time, let’s buy lots and lots of cute stuff there.


Wanderlust Hannah in Japan – Part 2: Cat Café Hapineko~

I’ve always wanted to visit a Cat café, and since I was in Japan it was obviously in my places-to-go lists.  My cousin brought us to a cat café in Shibuya called “Hapineko”. I was so excited while travelling by train to Shibuya that day, and it was a really good day too. The day before was raining and very cold.

The cat café, was really awesome and look so cozy . The cats are all cute,squishy and fluffy. Some of them were actually looking grumpy tho, probably because they are still tired or maybe they just woke up.

When going to a cat cafe, you need to follow some rules before entering. There are some cats that cannot be touch. The best thing, you can feed the cats there and that’s when the cats eagerly come and surround you. You can purchase the cat food from the counter.

Apparently we were there for only half an hour, such a short time but it was okay. A little note for next time, “please choose to stay a bit longer”. I recommend for people who especially love cats, to choose 1 hour or more because half an hour will not be enough. To be honest I was actually busy texting my friends about being in a cat café that day. I was really excited being there and gave them some live updates. Haha . Lesson learnt when being at some place, please focus rather that texting because you might just missed things out.


Wanderlust Hannah in Japan – Part 1

Japan.  Japan. Japan! It’s been almost 2 weeks after my trip to Japan and I’m still talking about Japan with everyone and even posting the pictures I took in Japan on instagram every day. I actually been wanting to post about my Japan trip here, but I was unable to blog because I can’t stop obsessing about Japan. My trip there was amazing. I just love it. I never thought I will go there first before South Korea. As you all know, Japan is one of the expensive country in the world and going there with little money is actually a bit risky but I got lucky because my cousins are there. My mom actually went there first before me, after her trip she was always excited talking about Japan. Me as a KPOP fan obviously wanted to go to South Korea first but then mom, my excited mom was so awesome and sponsored the ticket flight to Japan for me. Obviously I can never say no, I was so thrilled.

Japan is a place that I definitely want to go back again, in fact after just a day coming back from there I was wishing to be there again. It’s funny that I didn’t feel homesick while being there or maybe because 2 weeks weren’t enough for me to be homesick. Talking more about Japan, the country was really wonderful and I really love it. Wait, did I just said that again? Haha I got so much feels. I really enjoy being there, it was fun.

2 weeks in Japan feels so short, during the time there we went to a lot of places in Tokyo from Shinagawa to Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Ginza, Odaiba and other places I don’t know what the name was. I especially love our road trip to the strawberry farm around Chiba area I think and we also went to Fuji and Osaka. Mount Fuji was breath taking, and it looks like vanilla ice cream just because it was so white that time or was it because I was craving for ice cream all the way during the trip? Haha.

Shopping was fun especially if you have lots of money but in my case I need to limit and control myself because of my limited budget. but I’m really grateful that I was with amazing people, I feel blessed because my aunt and cousins are awesome.

One of my favourite things to do while I was in Japan was playing at the game station (or whatever they called it..sorry I’m not sure) it was a place full of prizes game or I think they called it the UFO catcher and my favorite place was Round 1 at DiverCity Tokyo. It’s actually a place where you lost your money without realising it but it was very addictive you can never stop till you get the prizes especially with all those cute fluffy plushies. Believe me you yourself know you will lose your money but you will still play it till the end anyway. xDD

There are lots of things to talk about Japan, I will post more at another post and this post is already long. Just imagine if you meet me in real life, I will talk nonstop. xD


Infinite H Fly Again – 2nd Mini Album

This is a very late post, my Infinite H album arrived when I was in Japan. The typical me will say, this album is awesome and OMG it’s gorgeous. Yup it is gorgeous, apparently I haven’t really listen to the album much except for the title track 예뻐(Pretty). I love the song so much and I’ve been listening to it a lot last month. Their rapping is obviously awesome.

The packaging is the typical Infinite album style and it’s very simple. I like this better than the first one because it’s white and clean. The first one is pretty actually and bright, I like it but I think I like this more. The photos are all gorgeous too, OMG why are they so gorgeous? I totally loving all the pictures, weeeee~ eye candy! Dongwoo and Hoya, you guys are so gorge!

Infinite H – Fly Again – 2nd Mini Album Track list

1. Fly Again (feat. DJ IT)
2. 예뻐(Pretty)
3. 어디 안 가 (feat. 양다일)
4. 부딪쳐 (feat. 류수정 Of 러블리즈)
5. 바빠서 Sorry (feat. 스윙스, 샴페인 Of 샴페인 & 캔들)
6. 지킬 앤 하이드 (feat. 태완)
7. 니가 미치지 않고서야 (feat. 산체스 Of 팬텀)

IMG_0436   IMG_0440

back from Japan

Hello guys~ as I tweeted a lot about it, I was in Japan for 2 weeks last month and I just got back home last Monday. There’s so much going on that I wasn’t able to blog while in Japan. I guess I was too excited being there but now I’m back to reality. Boo hoo~ I’m back home. Apparently I love it there and wish I could stay there longer so I can explore more. Although I was on a tight budget, I still can survive in Japan during the 2 weeks and it’s all thanks to the cousins actually. They are so awesome.

I will start posting about my experience in Japan soon. Meanwhile you guys can check out #wanderlusthannahinjapan on instagram, for some pictures I posted there.