Infinite H Fly Again – 2nd Mini Album

This is a very late post, my Infinite H album arrived when I was in Japan. The typical me will say, this album is awesome and OMG it’s gorgeous. Yup it is gorgeous, apparently I haven’t really listen to the album much except for the title track 예뻐(Pretty). I love the song so much and I’ve been listening to it a lot last month. Their rapping is obviously awesome.

The packaging is the typical Infinite album style and it’s very simple. I like this better than the first one because it’s white and clean. The first one is pretty actually and bright, I like it but I think I like this more. The photos are all gorgeous too, OMG why are they so gorgeous? I totally loving all the pictures, weeeee~ eye candy! Dongwoo and Hoya, you guys are so gorge!

Infinite H – Fly Again – 2nd Mini Album Track list

1. Fly Again (feat. DJ IT)
2. 예뻐(Pretty)
3. 어디 안 가 (feat. 양다일)
4. 부딪쳐 (feat. 류수정 Of 러블리즈)
5. 바빠서 Sorry (feat. 스윙스, 샴페인 Of 샴페인 & 캔들)
6. 지킬 앤 하이드 (feat. 태완)
7. 니가 미치지 않고서야 (feat. 산체스 Of 팬텀)

IMG_0436   IMG_0440


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