Wanderlust Hannah in Japan – Part 2: Cat Café Hapineko~

I’ve always wanted to visit a Cat café, and since I was in Japan it was obviously in my places-to-go lists.  My cousin brought us to a cat café in Shibuya called “Hapineko”. I was so excited while travelling by train to Shibuya that day, and it was a really good day too. The day before was raining and very cold.

The cat café, was really awesome and look so cozy . The cats are all cute,squishy and fluffy. Some of them were actually looking grumpy tho, probably because they are still tired or maybe they just woke up.

When going to a cat cafe, you need to follow some rules before entering. There are some cats that cannot be touch. The best thing, you can feed the cats there and that’s when the cats eagerly come and surround you. You can purchase the cat food from the counter.

Apparently we were there for only half an hour, such a short time but it was okay. A little note for next time, “please choose to stay a bit longer”. I recommend for people who especially love cats, to choose 1 hour or more because half an hour will not be enough. To be honest I was actually busy texting my friends about being in a cat café that day. I was really excited being there and gave them some live updates. Haha . Lesson learnt when being at some place, please focus rather that texting because you might just missed things out.



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