Wanderlust Hannah in Japan – Part 3: Harajuku~

Wanderlust Hannah’s stories continue, I’m going to share about Harajuku today. It’s a place for fashion lovers for sure, the place is really cool and awesome and everything nice. There were so many people there that time even though it was weekdays; the streets were busy and crowded.

The shops and all were really awesome. The clothes there is really love! I wish they sell plus size stuff tho. Cute stuffs are definitely everywhere at Harajuku too.  I wish I can just buy all the cute stuffs there, you know I’m really a sucker for cute stuffs but yaa I need to control the inner shopaholic instinct of mine because it was just the 4th day being in Japan that time but to think of it, I shop the most there. Well, it’s a perfect place for me I guess, affordable and just simply my style.

A little incident that happened to me while in Harajuku was when I shop at H&M, the cashier guy apparently punched 3 times for 1 item that I bought and I paid more than I should. I didn’t realize that time because I wasn’t really good at counting Japanese yen yet. It was confusing. Luckily while at home I noticed something was off with my balance and we just went back there in the evening to settle the problem. It was all okay in the end they returned my money back. Moral of the story, always check your balance and receipt carefully.

I really enjoy myself while in Harajuku, I was so happy and excited. Definitely I want to go there again and if there’s next time, let’s buy lots and lots of cute stuff there.



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