End of Year blog post. Goodbye 2016~

It’s the last day of 2016, and here I am blogging on New Year’s Eve. I didn’t update this blog very often this year even though it’s another blog-able year. My internet connection really sucks this year and it just demotivated me to blog.  For 2016, I’m not going to say it’s a bad year. Well yes, I still do not achieve all my goals but there are things that make me happy this year and let’s just talk about happy stuffs.

This year, I finally visited South Korea with my best friend Deena. It was something I don’t really expect to happen because you know being unemployed and all but yay~ I actually went there. Thank you to my awesome mom for the amazing gift ever. I haven’t post any of my ‘Wanderlust Hannah in South Korea’ story in this blog but I’ve shared a lot of my pictures during the trip on my Instagram. South Korea is definitely a place I will visit again and again. I was already in love with Seoul even before I went there and being there for real makes me really love the city so much more. Shopping and sight-seeing, it was all fun. I really enjoyed my trip although I complained a lot because my foot hurts. Seriously there were lots of walking and it feels like going hiking every day.

Something fun this year was the Korean Festival 2016 at Times Square and The Rhythm of Korea in Brunei at Jerudong Park Amphitheatre. I really enjoyed the Korean Festival this year and went to the 3 days event at Times Square. This year the guest was K Tigers and their performance was really awesome. For Rhythm of Korea, the artistes were Coreyah band a folklore music group and Jinjo Crew the best b-boy group in the world. Jinjo Crew is so amazing and very friendly. I’m pretty much in love with the boys nowadays especially Bboy OCTOpus. I don’t really know much about break dance but nowadays I’m watching it a lot. Not sure how long will I like them but I hope it will last forever. Haha!

I’ve bought lots of books this year and I’m really happy with my collections. I’ve managed to read lot’s of books too. I didn’t write many stories this year but I do have many ideas in my head. It’s just that there are a lot of stresses in my mind that I couldn’t really focus on writing stories since my reality aren’t that perfect. I’ve taken so many tests for job application and have been rejected more than 100 times. Okay I know that sounds exaggerating but it’s really close to 100. I’m not going to stop of course and will continue to search for a job. The struggle is real people. Hopefully in 2017 I will finally get a job and able to travel more. So goodbye 2016, thank you for all the memories and 2017 let’s be awesome. I hope I will continue to be strong in the New Year and keep fighting to achieve all the goals and dreams. Let’s all be happy, healthy and have another good year. Happy New Year everyone~


at Everland, South Korea


Jinjo Crew in Brunei


The Lunar Chronicles

The Lunar Chronicles Series by Marissa Meyer! I’m obsessed with these books. It was really good that I couldn’t put the book down. I’m not really going to write the review but these books are really recommended. I never thought I will become so obsessed. I actually have been trying to avoid books series because you know why, it’s addictive but I end up reading the whole series anyway. I love this series because it’s a fairy tale retelling and I just love fairy tales. The books are seriously good, and I wish it will become a movie. That will be awesome!

The Lunar Chronicles series consists of four books Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter with Fairest as the prequel book and Stars Above with the short stories collection. I love all the books and my personal favourite book is Cress.  I just love Carswell Thorne character. Another thing, all the books cover are all gorgeous too, I LOVE IT!


Wanderlust Hannah in Japan – Part 11: The Last Story~

Like the title, this will be the last part for Wanderlust Hannah in Japan stories.  The trip was over a year ago anyway and I think I’ve already shared all the best part. Wow can’t believe it, it’s already been a year since I last travel, how sad~ but its okay because Wanderlust Hannah in Seoul, South Korea will happen in May!! I am really excited for this trip, like finally I will go there. *happy dance* Anyway let’s wait for that and talk about my last trip in Japan first.

Since I’ve already posted all the best places I’ve been while in Japan and this last part, I will talk about the game station or Japanese Arcades I believe the name is. One of the things to do while in Japan is definitely playing those claw machine or UFO catcher machine or Prizes games machine? (whatever they called it) because it’s really exciting.  How can I not, there’s like many stuffs to win from cute plushies to anime figures, chocolates to ice creams, wallets, gundams and other cool stuffs.

The Japanese Arcades can be easily found in Japan. Every time we went to play at the arcades, the inner child of me always wanted to win all those plushies but I obviously suck playing it. All of the games I’ve played I’ve only managed winning Selfie stick while in Osaka and Gumball machine while in Fuji. The rest of the plushies I’ve got were actually won by the cousins, they’re really good playing the prizes games. So even though this game is so tempting, exciting and all but if you got too carried away trying to win those stuffs from the machine you will totally go broke but if you got nowhere to spend your money go to the arcades and play!


Wanderlust Hannah in Japan – Part 10: Universal Studios Japan~

Its 2016 already, Happy New Year everyone. It’s almost a year since my trip to Japan and it’s the only trip that happened last year *me and my sad life*. Anyway today, I want to continue my Wanderlust Hannah in Japan post. I know it took forever for me to update this blog, I’m just currently busy with whatever.

Universal Studios Japan! OMG, I remember being so excited about it that I could barely sleep the night before and then in the morning I woke up so early to get ready. I really wish the weather will be good but it was raining that day. Bummer! But still I was so excited about USJ, nothing can stop me I said. When we arrived at USJ, it was still raining and the weather was so cold. We went around the shop there, doing a little bit of window shopping and hoping it will stop raining. There were so many people even though it was weekday that time. Since it was still raining, I actually end up buying a Spiderman Poncho.

So it was raining the whole time we were there. Boo hoo~ there are few places close and some games available but then the queue was just OMG. I’m actually not a patient one to wait in long queue and it was so cold. We went around the whole USJ but I stupidly missed The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! *face palm* I was carried away because of the mini games and I actually lost 3000 yen because of it. I didn’t even win anything. *slaps self* but then my cousin were sooooo kind to me and gave me the Elmo plushie they won. I love you guys~~~~ and thank you so much.

I’ve really tried to enjoy USJ that day regardless of the rain and cold weather. I wasn’t able to take pictures using my DSLR camera that day, so there aren’t many good pictures. Sorry for a boring story about USJ, I wasn’t really able to experience all the places. Note to self for next time; bring bento and make sure to get good sleep night before going there. It’s a big place and you need energy to enjoy and be crazy at USJ. So yaa, that’s my story and its okay, I will definitely come back to visit USJ someday.


Wanderlust Hannah in Japan – Part 9: Osaka~

It’s been awhile since I last posted about my Japan trip and that trip was like million yearrrrsss ago. Okay, no it was actually last February. There are actually still lots of stories I haven’t shared but yaa I’ve been seriously demotivated to write. It’s been months and the struggle is real. I’m still unemployed. People will say like ‘you’re not trying hard enough to find a job’ seriously shut up you people. You’re not in my shoes. Opps I’m suppose to share stories about my Japan trip. 

Anyway, Osaka road trip was one of my favourite. Obviously every moment was precious and all are my favourite. By just breathing the air there makes me happy and everyday is definitely an adventure. I wish I just can go back now and feel the cold weather again. Here is so hot~. I’m actually blogging again because I saw these Malaysian celebrity going there and makes me missed Japan so much. On the other hand my sister was like ‘Why was your trip to Japan so boring?’ and I was like ‘Excuse me~ I am not a celebrity and I don’t have people taking my pictures in every angle 24/7’. Urghh how annoying. Come on, I was there for like 2 weeks it’s not like I can capture every moment.

Back to Osaka story, I was really excited to be there and I remember feeling like I was in an Ultraman Movie or something because the building there was a bit classic unlike in Tokyo, where it was more happening. (sorry for my lack of vocabulary I don’t know if happening is even the right word to describe it) . The trip to Osaka from Fuji was around 6 hours if I’m not mistaken.We were in Osaka for 2 nights, to be honest I don’t really remember about the entire trip but the highlights in Osaka was going to Dotonburi street. We play at this game station there and we won lot’s of plushies. Yay~ Thanks to the cousins! We also ate at this Malay restaurant called Malaysia Boleh and at the area there I saw Umeda Sky building. It was so cool and breathtaking. On the second day, we went to Universal Studios Japan and to think about it now my USJ trip was awesome but not so awesome. What was I thinking that day? Note to self, if there’s ever going to be next trip to Japan bring the squad and be crazy.

Osaka was really fun, It wasn’t boring. It was memorable. I definitely want to go back there one day and explore the city more. Hmm~ I guess I can just dream about it for now.







Wanderlust Hannah in Japan – Part 8: Fuji-Q Highland~

This is a very long overdue super late post but yay let’s talk about Japan today. So this time, it’s about Fuji Q Highland, the place I wanted to visit ever since I knew about the existence of the haunted hospital there and plus it’s a very popular amusement park in Japan. Well I’m not that courageous kind of person and I’m actually afraid of the dark but still I wanna go see the haunted hospital. That day, I was so excited when I saw the rollercoaster as soon as we arrived in Fujiyoshida. I’ve always wanted to ride a crazy-scary rollercoaster ever since I was young but when our Jerudong Park got these awesome rides I wasn’t qualified to ride one, too short they said. Now that I’m already grown up there’s only mini one available like boo hoo whyyyy??

Anyway that day apparently we didn’t go inside the main Fuji Q highland, because it was nearly closing time, seriously what a bummer, just why the closing time is at 5pm. So yaa sadly, we didn’t get the chance to go for any rides there or even meet the ghosts at the haunted hospital. Boo hoo~~ so sad right. Too bad we only stayed at Fujiyoshida for only a day because the next day we went to Osaka.

Bitter I tell you, but then I was there at Fuji Q and I was very happy that day. There was this Lisa and Gaspard thingy outside the main Fuji Q and they have this Parisian theme. It was cool.  The least I can do was just taking pictures and I enjoyed it.

There’s always next time, yup definitely will go there next time.



Kim Sung Kyu ’27’ – 2nd Mini Album

After 2 weeks of waiting finally my Kim Sung Kyu ’27’ – 2nd Mini album arrived. Kim Sung Kyu which I prefer to call Sunggyu or just Gyu is the leader of my beloved Infinite. He finally released another solo mini album which is really amazing and just awesome. but Gyu you need to release a full album next because 6 tracks aren’t enough.

About the album, the songs were all amazing! It was produced by Nell’s JongWan, so different feel from Infinite songs are expected in the album but yaaasss people it’s obviously AMAZING! Our Gyu’s voice is just beautiful, he’s definitely my favourite after Xia Junsuii~~ My most favourite song in the album is Daydream which is a featuring with Borderline: Tablo & JW. Any song which have Tablo will always be awesome. The other favourite will be Kontrol, ahhh the song is just so nice. I love Gyu’s low voice, beautiful. The MV for the song is kinda sad tho, boo hoo~

The packaging for the album is simple and it’s white! I love white~ The photocard that I got also what I wanted. The cutie Gyu with Bubble gum. The pictures in the album are gorgeous, Gyu look amazing with no guy liner and simple clothing. His cute sepet eyes is totally win!

Kim Sung Kyu ’27’ – 2nd Mini Album Tracklist:

1. 27
2. 너여야만 해 (The Answer)
3. Alive
4. Kontrol
5. Daydream (Feat. Borderline : TABLO & JW)
6. 답가 (Feat. 박윤하)


And below is the Music Videos for the 2 title songs from the album, 너여야만 해 (The Answer) and Kontrol. Lastly, congratulations to Gyu for getting 1st place at 2 music show! You totally deserve it.

Wanderlust Hannah in Japan – Part 7: Snow Resort Fujiten~

Just a quick update, sharing some of the pictures I took when we went to Snow Resort Fujiten last February. I’m missing the cold weather, it’s seriously hot here in Brunei. I definitely want to go back there someday in winter, and next time let’s play the snow and try skiing.


Angry Mom

angry mom

I’m going to blog about Korean drama Angry Mom today, one of the best K-drama for this year so far. Other was Kill Me Heal Me, also was really awesome but I haven’t watch the last 2 episodes tho xD. The reason I started watching this drama instead of watching the last 2 episodes of Kill Me Heal Me was because I dont want it to end. Another thing is, Kim Hee Sun is the actress. She’s my favourite Korean actress, always love her acting.

The drama Angry mom is about a mom going undercover back to school as a student to investigate why her daughter gets bullied at school. The mom, Jo Kang Ja become Jo Bang Wool and went to school, she was really a badass! I really love this drama from 3rd episode onwards.



And then I believe everyone’s favourite in the drama is the character Go Bok Dong, the bad boy thug who turns out to be a baby. The way he fell in love with Jo Bang Wool who is actually an older women was just hilarious and cute at the same time. Go Bok Dong was so sweet all the time protecting Jo Bang Wool. It’s official I need guy like Go Bok Dong in my life!!

Go Bok Dong character is played by rookie actor Jisoo Kim and he’s a cutie. He totally got my attention since the first episode although he was hardly there. Talking about Jisoo Kim, he was barely known during the first episode, there aren’t any info about him and bammmm he’s famous now. He as Go Bok Dong is really a success, best actor goes to Jisoo Kim.

I also like Han Gong Ju character in this drama, she and the 2 Princess Uncle were really awesome in this drama. We all need a best friend like Han Gong Ju, she help Jo Kang Ja a lot. The best part was also her wardrobe, her dresses in the drama was really awesome. Snow White dress and gummy bear dress!  Good job stylist! btw below is one of the best scene in the drama

I really want to talk about the drama but looks like I talk about Jisoo a lot here, haha he’s my new actor bias guys. The drama is about a mom saving his daughter tho haha not love story and definitely politics. So yaa the drama was really good and recommended! I wish there’s season 2 for this drama, will be really awesome.

Wanderlust Hannah in Japan – Part 6: Fujiyoshida~

It took me awhile to update about my Japan trip, I’m just feeling discouraged with the internet connection here and I’m bored being at home. Yes, its so boring plus being jobless and broke. it’s really depressing. Okay enough about that, let’s reminisce back my Japan trip and be happy.

Road trip to Fujiyoshida, to be honest I’m not really sure what was the exact name of the places we went but I believe it was Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi because that’s where Fuji Q highland is located and we stayed at Fuji View hotel at Katsuyama, Fujikawaguchiko-machi. Both are at the same place right? Haha this is a fail, seriously all I know during the trip was just being a passenger who goes where ever cousin brought us and being amaze all the time. I kinda don’t know the name, even if I try to remember I will forget after that, there are just so many names. I guess this is the bad travel blog ever? haha I don’t even know the places I went.

That day was another best day of my life, when I first saw the glimpse of Fuji mount, I was so thrilled. It feels like my heart about to explode with all the excitement and all. Too much feels I told you. And then there’s Fuji Q highland and those rollercoasters you can see from the road. How can you keep calm like that? Anyway, we arrived there around 12pm and we went to Fujiten snow resort first thing while waiting for 3pm for hotel check in. There at Fujiten, we went to see the snow, people skiing and taking photos. It was nice to be there and first time for me to see the real snow.

It was told that, it will be snowing that night but the snow never came. They even put salt on the road but boo hoo false alarm weather forecast. We stayed at Fuji View Hotel and the view there is something to die for. The hotel look classic from outside but the room was okay and nice. The view at the back of the hotel is Lake kawaguchi and it was seriously breathtaking. I couldn’t get over the view, it’s just so beautiful. I really wish we stayed there longer. Imagine it now during spring time, must be really beautiful with all those sakura blooming here and there.