The Lunar Chronicles

The Lunar Chronicles Series by Marissa Meyer! I’m obsessed with these books. It was really good that I couldn’t put the book down. I’m not really going to write the review but these books are really recommended. I never thought I will become so obsessed. I actually have been trying to avoid books series because you know why, it’s addictive but I end up reading the whole series anyway. I love this series because it’s a fairy tale retelling and I just love fairy tales. The books are seriously good, and I wish it will become a movie. That will be awesome!

The Lunar Chronicles series consists of four books Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter with Fairest as the prequel book and Stars Above with the short stories collection. I love all the books and my personal favourite book is Cress.  I just love Carswell Thorne character. Another thing, all the books cover are all gorgeous too, I LOVE IT!



The Love Detective


Just finished reading this book – The Love Detective by Alexandra Potter, it was amazing and romantic. I really enjoyed reading this book. It took a while for me to finish reading this book because while reading I also did research on the places she went, the food she ate and facts about India so that I can visualise it. Reading this book makes me want to go travel to India, I can imagine the bazaar, the colorful saris and all those pretty stuffs like bangles and jewelries.  When reading, I was actually craving for some Indian food. It’s not really my favourite cuisine but the way it was described was convincing. I think I should go for an Indian food outing with my friends soon ^^

I really like the character Ruby, she’s funny and silly sometimes. I can relate her to me somehow. While she’s already a writer, I dream to become one but obviously I need to improve my English, my grammar are all over the places..I know. I did try writing, mostly are fanfictions tho. There are a lot of ideas but I’m not confident since I’m still lack in composing. Anyway, back to the book, I also like the mysterious Rocky, I can imagine the way he talk. He probably have the same accent like my Indian lecturer. The romance in this book is so lovely. I don’t know if love story like that can ever happen, but I really wish for it to happen to me. Meeting a guy while travelling and fall in love, that’s so magical almost like fairy tales. OMG I’m so dreamy. I wonder if guy like Jack exist, he was almost perfect. 

So yaa I love this book, because of it I’m all excited watching the old Bollywood movies that I used to watch. Just few days ago, I watched an old Bollywood movie name ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain‘, If you watch this movie you can see the Indian weddings, their colorful saris, and you can also see their big house and Haveli. There are a lot of dancing and not forget the singing. The movie makes me cringe but it was nice. I used to watch this movie with my sister a lot before. I was probably 8 years old that time. hehe 

Alexandra Potter please write more books like this travelling and adventures; it’s very exciting to read 🙂

Me Before You

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.  I just finished reading this book! I just cant with my feels, I literally cried bucket of tears. I feel so attached with the characters that I feel the pain too. Its really a good book, I had fun reading although I read the last few chapters fast. Its heartbreaking, even thinking about this makes me want to cry. I don’t want to say much because there are probably people who haven’t read this book yet. So yaa this book is awesome. I really recommend you guys to read, if you haven’t.

I knew about this book after MBLAQ’s Mir tweeted about it. The next day I went to the bookshop and bought it. I’m just obsessed with books.




The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. I bought this book yesterday because my niece recommend me to read it. I havent read it yet since Im busy with my System Development Project and I got 2 other projects..yes~ its crazy. Its my final semester already.

Anyway I feel so tempted to read this asap tho…huhu maybe I should steal some time~


Book of the week: Cloaked

Book of the week: Cloaked by Alex Flinn.

Another fairytales with modern twist, I just love it. Ive been wanting to read this book since it released, and I just found it recently at the bookstores. Next I want to read Bewitching and Towering , also by the same author. Im sure it will be awesome.843038_10151300325015662_358586205_o

Book of the week: Beastly ~

Finally I got my own Beastly by Alex Flinn book..I totally love it..actually I bought it 2 weeks ago..I was so happy when the bookstore called me that time..and this book is totally Awesome..finished reading it already and I so cannot wait for the movie to be released..

Book of the week: Be Careful What You Wish For~

Haha this is random..Ive been reading ‘be careful what you wish for’ by Alexandra Potter..I bought this when I was in Kuala Lumpur at Kinokuniya bookstore last April..just got the time to read it..well I havent finish reading tho..but I already find the book cool and fun..hehe so yaa its the book of the week..