My current kpop obsession and probably will be my obsession until Team B debut. Im pretty sure some of you watch this show and yes Team A is the Winner. Im happy with the results because I like Team A too but then Im sad at the same time because from the beginning my heart goes to Team B. Okay I know, its already been a month and regrets or what so ever is invalid now. I just hope that Team B will debut asap which of course probably wont happen anytime soon?. Hopefully they can debut maybe around second half of 2014 or early 2015? I will wait for the boys to debut, they’re all amazing and talented. They’re still young so they still have time to prepare to be the best. Oh and YG, please dont change the member because 6 of them are already perfect.


Below is Team B performance from the Final Battle. Seriously its a really good song, its been a month and Ive been listening to it everyday. Thats how addicted I am with the boys.

On the other hand, I bought WIN tote bag YG official merchandise. Bought it just because Im so into the boys. Its kinda expensive for just a simple tote bag but yaa I dont care I love it. There are lot of other stuffs like T-shirts, Cap and etc but you know Im not into those stuffs.

win tote