End of Year Blog Post~

It’s my end of year blog post everybody, I’ve tried to be active in blogging this year but I’ve been very busy.  2014 is actually a blog-able year but I just got lots in my hands that I couldn’t manage this blog properly. In 2014, I may not accomplish all the things I wanted to do but then there’s always the New Year right? Rather than being down and sad, I should continue to hold onto my dreams and will try harder to achieve it.

This year, I’ve finished all my courses at college and survived the final project.  I look forward for my graduation day in May 2015. I’ve also done my industrial attachment although it was not abroad like I wanted but it was okay.

Something random that I have done this year was starting the flower crown business with my best friends. We just hope our business will become more successful next year. I’ve also written more than 10 stories, reading fan fictions inspired me to write.

Then the some really no go part this year; I’ve gained lots and lots of weight.  I am now at the fattest I ever been which is a totally no go. Seriously no go. This is very concerning and a serious matter, I need to lose all the weight back.

I want to say, I regret nothing for all the decision I’ve made this year. Although there’s some ups and downs. 2014 is still fun. Let’s do better in 2015.


Hello 2014~


Hello everyone~ I just wanna wish you guys, Happy New Year 2014!!! Lets have a better + awesome + great year this 2014~ As for myself, I’m hoping that this year I can be more active blogging again. I hope my life will be more blogable this year.

My Wishes this year:

1. I wish for a good health for me, my family and everyone I love~
2. Hopefully my final semester at College will go smoothly and for the industrial attachment part, oh pretty please be awesome!
3. Lets travel! I have so many in my bucket list! I know its impossible but please lemme just go to at least one place of all places I wanna go.

There are actually tons of wishes, dreams, goals or whatever I want to accomplish this year, I can even write an essay about it, so I better just keep it in my diary. xD

and Lastly self reminders for myself:

1. Lets be more PRODUCTIVE this year.
2. Dont be too emotional, BE POSITIVE.
3. Whatever the obstacles that will come..just BE STRONG and BE PATIENT!
4. The most important – DONT EVER GIVE UP!!

hehe I think thats all for now, HAVE A GREAT YEAR EVERYONE!

Whats in my purse for Hari Raya~

Its Hari Raya! Happy Eid Mubarak to alk muslims around the world. Selamat Hari Raya~

Just a random post..wanna share the stuffs I bring in my purse..the must have in the bag since I’ll be out like for the whole day visiting the relatives house..


From mascara, mirror, wet tissue, to contact lens cases and solution. Everything is needed for touch up. Since my lips are kinda sensitive I just use lip tints and lip balm. I use the eyeliner from Etude house and Maybelline. Lastly the thing I cant live without is my perfume, nowadays Im using Fan di Fendi..the scents is really nice..I love it~

Ear Piercings

Piercings..I love ear piercings.I have 7 piercings total on my ears both right and left. I got 2 new piercings at my cartilage both right and left side recently. When I got it, it wasnt hurt that bad..only for few days and then it feels normal.

Taking care of cartilage piercings is a bit fussy tho since its more sensitive there..so to clean it, is a must.

  Dont ask me why I got so many piercings..hehe..to me I just find it cool and its just-for-fashion~
I wanna try conch piercing next but Im afraid it will hurt so bad..hmm maybe not =_=

Tangled is another awesome Disney Princesses movie~

Its been awhile since I updated this blog..hehe my nieces and nephews are here…so its kinda hard to have my sweet sweet time…nyways I wanna talk about Tangled aka Rapunzel movie..Ive watched the movie last Tuesday with my 2nd sis,cousin Munee and my nieces Syuhada..OMG I so love the movie..another awesome Disney Princesses movie…its fun and amazing..everything in the movie are very nice…I totally LOVE it!!!

Everyone should watch…its really nice…the soundtrack are also nice too..LOVE the songs…