Angry Mom

angry mom

I’m going to blog about Korean drama Angry Mom today, one of the best K-drama for this year so far. Other was Kill Me Heal Me, also was really awesome but I haven’t watch the last 2 episodes tho xD. The reason I started watching this drama instead of watching the last 2 episodes of Kill Me Heal Me was because I dont want it to end. Another thing is, Kim Hee Sun is the actress. She’s my favourite Korean actress, always love her acting.

The drama Angry mom is about a mom going undercover back to school as a student to investigate why her daughter gets bullied at school. The mom, Jo Kang Ja become Jo Bang Wool and went to school, she was really a badass! I really love this drama from 3rd episode onwards.



And then I believe everyone’s favourite in the drama is the character Go Bok Dong, the bad boy thug who turns out to be a baby. The way he fell in love with Jo Bang Wool who is actually an older women was just hilarious and cute at the same time. Go Bok Dong was so sweet all the time protecting Jo Bang Wool. It’s official I need guy like Go Bok Dong in my life!!

Go Bok Dong character is played by rookie actor Jisoo Kim and he’s a cutie. He totally got my attention since the first episode although he was hardly there. Talking about Jisoo Kim, he was barely known during the first episode, there aren’t any info about him and bammmm he’s famous now. He as Go Bok Dong is really a success, best actor goes to Jisoo Kim.

I also like Han Gong Ju character in this drama, she and the 2 Princess Uncle were really awesome in this drama. We all need a best friend like Han Gong Ju, she help Jo Kang Ja a lot. The best part was also her wardrobe, her dresses in the drama was really awesome. Snow White dress and gummy bear dress!  Good job stylist! btw below is one of the best scene in the drama

I really want to talk about the drama but looks like I talk about Jisoo a lot here, haha he’s my new actor bias guys. The drama is about a mom saving his daughter tho haha not love story and definitely politics. So yaa the drama was really good and recommended! I wish there’s season 2 for this drama, will be really awesome.