Kim Sung Kyu ’27’ – 2nd Mini Album

After 2 weeks of waiting finally my Kim Sung Kyu ’27’ – 2nd Mini album arrived. Kim Sung Kyu which I prefer to call Sunggyu or just Gyu is the leader of my beloved Infinite. He finally released another solo mini album which is really amazing and just awesome. but Gyu you need to release a full album next because 6 tracks aren’t enough.

About the album, the songs were all amazing! It was produced by Nell’s JongWan, so different feel from Infinite songs are expected in the album but yaaasss people it’s obviously AMAZING! Our Gyu’s voice is just beautiful, he’s definitely my favourite after Xia Junsuii~~ My most favourite song in the album is Daydream which is a featuring with Borderline: Tablo & JW. Any song which have Tablo will always be awesome. The other favourite will be Kontrol, ahhh the song is just so nice. I love Gyu’s low voice, beautiful. The MV for the song is kinda sad tho, boo hoo~

The packaging for the album is simple and it’s white! I love white~ The photocard that I got also what I wanted. The cutie Gyu with Bubble gum. The pictures in the album are gorgeous, Gyu look amazing with no guy liner and simple clothing. His cute sepet eyes is totally win!

Kim Sung Kyu ’27’ – 2nd Mini Album Tracklist:

1. 27
2. 너여야만 해 (The Answer)
3. Alive
4. Kontrol
5. Daydream (Feat. Borderline : TABLO & JW)
6. 답가 (Feat. 박윤하)


And below is the Music Videos for the 2 title songs from the album, 너여야만 해 (The Answer) and Kontrol. Lastly, congratulations to Gyu for getting 1st place at 2 music show! You totally deserve it.


Infinite H Fly Again – 2nd Mini Album

This is a very late post, my Infinite H album arrived when I was in Japan. The typical me will say, this album is awesome and OMG it’s gorgeous. Yup it is gorgeous, apparently I haven’t really listen to the album much except for the title track 예뻐(Pretty). I love the song so much and I’ve been listening to it a lot last month. Their rapping is obviously awesome.

The packaging is the typical Infinite album style and it’s very simple. I like this better than the first one because it’s white and clean. The first one is pretty actually and bright, I like it but I think I like this more. The photos are all gorgeous too, OMG why are they so gorgeous? I totally loving all the pictures, weeeee~ eye candy! Dongwoo and Hoya, you guys are so gorge!

Infinite H – Fly Again – 2nd Mini Album Track list

1. Fly Again (feat. DJ IT)
2. 예뻐(Pretty)
3. 어디 안 가 (feat. 양다일)
4. 부딪쳐 (feat. 류수정 Of 러블리즈)
5. 바빠서 Sorry (feat. 스윙스, 샴페인 Of 샴페인 & 캔들)
6. 지킬 앤 하이드 (feat. 태완)
7. 니가 미치지 않고서야 (feat. 산체스 Of 팬텀)

IMG_0436   IMG_0440

Infinite Season 2 Album

My Infinite Season 2 album is here~~~ its a beautiful album! I totally love the album, all the songs are amazing. I mean when are they not? right Inspirits~ haha yes Im a little bias but who cares~~ The songs from track number 1 till the hidden track are so good. OMG I LOVE THE HIDDEN TRACK!!! Its a niceee song. I want MOREEE Infinite~~~ My personal most favourite songs in the album are Person Like Me and Memories. OMG Sunggyu voice is just I dont know how to describe, he’s just amazing to my ears. Of course I don’t have to mention about Woohyun, his voice equal to totally LOVE!! and I am so HAPPY that Sungyeol has more than 5 sec lines in Last Romeo. His part in the song is my favourite!

About their concept, I like it although the lace outfit didn’t really appeal to me at first, because its so rare to see men with lacy outfit but I swear I like it now. Okayyyy maybe just one thing, I wish their blazer’s hem is straight style instead of the scalloped style but then they pull it off anyway, the Infinite boys look gorgeous. I like the black lace blazer more tho.

The album packaging is simpler than their ‘The Origin’ album where the box is very cute but then its still nice. The plastic cover design with the Infinite logo is lovely, and I like the fact that the album mostly white because I just love white. and yaaayyy I got Namu’s photocard! I love Nam Woohyun~~~

Infinite Season 2 album Track List:

01. Season 2
02. Last Romeo
03. Follow Me
04. 로시난테 [Rosinante]
05. 숨 좀 쉬자 [Breathe]
06. Light (SungKyu Solo)
07. Alone (Infinite H)
08. Memories
09. 나란 사람 [A Person Like Me]
10. Reflex
11. 미치겠어 (Infinite F) [I’m Going Crazy]
12. 눈을 감으면 (WooHyun Solo) [Close Your Eyes]
13. 소나기 [Shower]












Toheart Woohyun & Key – 1st Mini Album

Yay~~ my Toheart Woohyun & Key -1st Mini Album is here!  bought the album because of Namu! I love Namu~ This album is nice, I really like all the pictures in the album and the packaging is also nice. I really love Namu’s hairstyle, he is really gorgeous! Oops I only talk about Namu here..hee sorry people apparently my bias is Nam Woohyun 🙂

The songs in the album are not bad, I like Tell Me Why the most. I also like 출발, the song is so classic. When I first listen to Delicious, I dont really like it but after listening to it many time, it become so catchy. I love it!

My head is so not creative to say much about this album, but the thing for sure this album is nice and Namu is Gorgeous! and Im so happy that got his photocard! hehe lucky me~

Toheart 1st Mini Album Track List:

01. Intro
02. Delicious
03. 미로(迷路)
04. You’re My Lady
05. Tell Me Why
06. 출발


Infinite 2nd Single album – Destiny

Infinite 2nd Single album – Destiny.

I got my copy last week and I got Sungjong photocard, was seriously hoping to get Sungyeol…its okay tho.

The album is gorgeous like always, but I still love their 4th Mini album concept because its a happy theme compare to this Destiny (dark?) theme..all the members look so gorgeous and sungjong look manly in this album..

Album Tracklist
1. Destiny
2. Inception
3. 너에게 간다 (Going To You)
4. 엄마 (Mother)

Destiny is an awesome song. I really love it. Inception is ok, when I first listen to it, I feel that its a bit Shinee-ish style (lol idk maybe its just me). so yaa to be honest, I havent really got the time to listen to all the songs properly. I only listen to Destiny.

ds ds1 ds2 ds3

Infinite – New Challenge (4th Mini Album)

Infinite – New Challenge (4th Mini Album), this is my favourite album after Infinitize and Over the Top. The songs are nice and the album is seriously gorgeous. I love their concept for this album, Man in Love..which is so love~ I love Infinite boys, they are getting awesome-r in every album they release. 인피니트 대박이다!!

Album Track List:
01. Welcome To Our Dream
02. Man In Love (남자가 사랑할 때)
03. 이보다 좋을 순 없다.
04. 그리움이 닿는 곳에
05. Beautiful
06. 60초 (Infinite ver.)
07. 불편한 진실

Since I love Infinite so much, I just love all the songs. but then my most favourite will be Track no.5 Beautiful, the lyrics are so sweet and Namu wrote it!! My copy arrived last week and I got Myungsoo’s card, was actually hoping to get Sungyeol’s but its okay..Myungsoo is gorgeous too~

I love this album, its gorgeous and I seriously love the posters, makes me happy when I look at it ^^

new challengeif-1if-2if-3