End of Year blog post. Goodbye 2016~

It’s the last day of 2016, and here I am blogging on New Year’s Eve. I didn’t update this blog very often this year even though it’s another blog-able year. My internet connection really sucks this year and it just demotivated me to blog.  For 2016, I’m not going to say it’s a bad year. Well yes, I still do not achieve all my goals but there are things that make me happy this year and let’s just talk about happy stuffs.

This year, I finally visited South Korea with my best friend Deena. It was something I don’t really expect to happen because you know being unemployed and all but yay~ I actually went there. Thank you to my awesome mom for the amazing gift ever. I haven’t post any of my ‘Wanderlust Hannah in South Korea’ story in this blog but I’ve shared a lot of my pictures during the trip on my Instagram. South Korea is definitely a place I will visit again and again. I was already in love with Seoul even before I went there and being there for real makes me really love the city so much more. Shopping and sight-seeing, it was all fun. I really enjoyed my trip although I complained a lot because my foot hurts. Seriously there were lots of walking and it feels like going hiking every day.

Something fun this year was the Korean Festival 2016 at Times Square and The Rhythm of Korea in Brunei at Jerudong Park Amphitheatre. I really enjoyed the Korean Festival this year and went to the 3 days event at Times Square. This year the guest was K Tigers and their performance was really awesome. For Rhythm of Korea, the artistes were Coreyah band a folklore music group and Jinjo Crew the best b-boy group in the world. Jinjo Crew is so amazing and very friendly. I’m pretty much in love with the boys nowadays especially Bboy OCTOpus. I don’t really know much about break dance but nowadays I’m watching it a lot. Not sure how long will I like them but I hope it will last forever. Haha!

I’ve bought lots of books this year and I’m really happy with my collections. I’ve managed to read lot’s of books too. I didn’t write many stories this year but I do have many ideas in my head. It’s just that there are a lot of stresses in my mind that I couldn’t really focus on writing stories since my reality aren’t that perfect. I’ve taken so many tests for job application and have been rejected more than 100 times. Okay I know that sounds exaggerating but it’s really close to 100. I’m not going to stop of course and will continue to search for a job. The struggle is real people. Hopefully in 2017 I will finally get a job and able to travel more. So goodbye 2016, thank you for all the memories and 2017 let’s be awesome. I hope I will continue to be strong in the New Year and keep fighting to achieve all the goals and dreams. Let’s all be happy, healthy and have another good year. Happy New Year everyone~


at Everland, South Korea


Jinjo Crew in Brunei


Hello 2015

My first post for the new year 2015, it’s not too late to greet everyone Happy New Year right? hehe like every year I would say have a nice year and may this year will bring happiness and good health to everyone.

I’ve been very busy babysitting my nephews and niece lately. Yup it’s the reality I’m facing everyday, especially that I still don’t have a job. It’s hard to find one because I still don’t have my official certificate *please don’t try to say I’m lazy or not trying* but yay~~ I’ll be graduating this year.

So for this new year, I still have the same dreams and goals. There are a lot in my lists, the-same-like-last-year list like I want to travel, I want to finish up reading all the tons of books and yes not to forget to lose weight. I seriously need to lose weight. Yes people, again about the weight *cry in the corner*. I’m trying my best to get active again, you know do stuffs like cardio workout, zumba and etc.

About travelling, I probably will go to Japan next month and South Korea in November *OMG finally I’m going there* but I can’t really confirm it because we still haven’t purchase the flight ticket. Thinking about flight actually kinda freak me out especially with the aircraft incidents that happened but yaa let’s think positive and pray for safe flights.

If I’m I really going for those trips, this year will for sure going to be a blog-able year. I hope so~

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